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Venture Shield tank protection tank set - clear - R1200GS LC Adventure, R1250 Adventure


Part No: WUN-28180-300

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Protection for your R1200GS LC Adventure ...

An indestructible yet flexible adhesive film originally developed for the aviation industry to protect propellers and rotor blades from stone damage. Anything that provides protection at close to the speed of sound is of course the first choice when it comes to maintaining the value of your BMW.


* Invisible protective film to protect your paintwork from those annoying scratches and scuffs that reduce the value of your bike.
* Absorbs most of the energy e.g. from stone impacts, which means that it makes sense to fit the headlamp protection included in the complete set at the same time. * Completely UV resistant
* UV permeable(!) meaning that the protected parts of the paintwork will, as usual, change colour over the years. This outstanding feature of the material means that no differences in colour between protected and unprotected paintwork will emerge should you ever want to remove the film.
* Almost invisible.
* Contour-hugging fit, that blends perfectly into the overall form.
* Extremely adhesive.
* Yet easy to remove
* Quick payback (in terms of maintained value)

* You can continue to steam clean your bike.
* Easy to apply
* Protects all particularly vulnerable parts.
* With just a little skill, you can easily apply the Venture Shield motorcycle set yourself. The set includes cleaning fluid, applicator and fitting instructions: everything you need to fit the film yourself. You can choose between a tank set and a complete set.
* We also sell a complete set part number WUN-28180-300.


R1200GS LC Adventure
R1250 Adventure

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