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Wunderlich seat and rack Combo R1200GS LC/Adv LC/1250GS/Adventure


Part No: WUN-42720-011

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Inspired by the legendary Paris-Dakar-Riders who consistently did without the passenger seat Wunderlich have created this seat and rack Combo for lovers of this daring style.
It consists of the proven, classic, super comfortable, long-distance AKTIVKOMFORT rider seat and our equally practical and robust luggage rack.

With this package, long distances can be travelled effortlessly and actively, even standing on the footrests. Simultaneously, luggage can be placed close to the overall centre of balance. The advantage is obvious: The arrangement is beneficial to the handling, not only on asphalt, but especially if the route leads over gravel roads, dunes or unsurfaced trials, especially if the heavy load has to be moved in rough terrain.

It is not only about style and appearance. Our proven, high-quality Wunderlich components are Made in Germany and keep their promises.
The new generation of seat: Thoughtfully designed with many innovative solutions. The original seat has an unfavourable design that puts strain on the coccyx and the incline of the seat surface results in many riders having the wrong pelvic posture. We've swapped this for a foam core with a completely new and unique contour and unique material construction.
Relaxation for the passenger! An ergonomic design precisely tailored to the riding position. As a passenger, this also lets you have long-lasting touring pleasure. We were also able to sustainably improve the support (in particular while braking), which leads to significantly more relaxing touring enjoyment. The progressive foam core and the relief to the coccyx silence any complaints.
• Distinctive concave profile (recess in middle of seat).
• Relieves the coccyx and optimises weight distribution across the entire seat.
• Progressive two-layer construction with soft top layer and rigid core guarantees and even strength distribution.
• Sweat-reducing, grippy cover material, combined with pin-tucks in Alcantara.
• High-strength RoburC shell of our own construction.
• Protected document box under the rider seat.
• Refined, dropped Cut seams.
• Taped and welded seams for 100% tightness on modern PFAFF hot air welding machines.
• Carbon seat heating mate
• Optimum warmth distribution
• Integrated control with cable harness
• Simple assembly
• Made in Germany
Note: The Adventure and GS have different height seats but we only supply one height so even the standard Wunderlich seat will be lower on the 20 mm deeper
This luggage rack for the R 1200 GS LC/1250GS and the Adventure models is the perfect solution for all solo riders who want to carry their luggage near their bike's centre of gravity. This rack not only allows much more luggage to be accommodated, it also moves forwards. This makes the loaded motorcycle both easier to handle and more comfortable to ride.

• Sturdy, powder-coated, 4mm-thick aluminium with low dead weight
• Secure, reliable fit
• Complex, multi-part construction
• Numerous practical lashing options on all four sides
• Cut-outs in the middle allow secure lashing of smaller items
• Simple, fast assembly, similar to the pillion seat
• Perfect fit to the riders seat
• Fits both original and our Aktivekomfort seats - and all standard accessories
• Lockable via the original seat lock
• Thanks to its straightforward disassembly, the pillion seat can quickly be remounted
• Includes complete fitting kit.


R1200GS LC (2013 on)
R1200Adventure LC 2014 on

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