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Reviews of ACF-50 ANTI-CORROSION SPRAY 369g aerosol

GREAT SERVICE Ian Churches on Jul 26, 2021

Rating: 5

Great company to deal with, very professional, great price for the ACF 50.


Rating: 4

Bought another can as the previous one was almost empty. great stuff for protection of the frame and electric connections. Only gripe is the spray nozzle. Poor fit and lost the last one into the engine compartment of the car. AF50 could do a better nozzle system similar to the new WD40 cans with 2 way spray pattern

Does what it says BellyBoy on Jan 14, 2021

Rating: 5

Excellent at protecting the bike from the elements if you’re riding through winter or have. Trip where cleaning is last thing on your list

Used before and will use many times again Desmond Powell on Jan 02, 2021

Rating: 5

I have had this product now for quite a while and fully recommend it. Like some say it is a bit thick (Especially when cold). I make sure my can is warm before i spray otherwise it comes out too thick but i personally like the fact it is more gloopey in that it stays in place longer. I use on the underside of my bike at least twice a year. ITS GREAT on locks too

A few 50 Warn on Dec 01, 2020

Rating: 4

Have had both gel and aerosol put the gel on with a cloth and aerosol with brush cylinder heads etc really good makes paintwork shine as well.Good delivery as always,well happy.

ACF-50, why wouldn't you use it Joe on Nov 05, 2020

Rating: 4

ACF-50, great product for enhancing the look of and protecting your bike or any other machine/material that's exposed to the elements.

ACF 50 Richard Edwards on Oct 26, 2020

Rating: 4

Spray very thick and clumpy to use so wasteful needs a finer spray or thinner compound

Acf-50 Steve Willsher on Oct 19, 2020

Rating: 5

Excellent product a mate told me about it. That’s all I’ll use from now on.

nice product Emil Kosturkov on Apr 04, 2020

Rating: 5

Perfect spray for my Bike against corrosion

9 Chris Steer on Mar 24, 2020

Rating: 4


Excellent Adrian Ash on Oct 22, 2018

Rating: 5

This stuff is good, I had read about it on the FJ owners club site and it really lives up to it,’s claims

Great cleaner steve jones on Jul 18, 2018

Rating: 4

Used this for cleaning paintwork on the bike, especially good for keeping spoked wheels on a GSA clean

Mr Ian Miller on Oct 01, 2017

Rating: 4

Fitting instructions worked out fine. Have not given it practical road test yet, but if made from polycarbonate as stated, they should do the job fine !!

Mr Graham Blyth on Apr 10, 2017

Rating: 5

Good for the winter keeps all that salt away for the wheels and the shiny chrome bits. Great stuff.

Winter protection Jonn on Nov 08, 2016

Rating: 5

I do not ride the bike through the whole winter but on occasions that I do I want guaranteed protections against the grime and road salts that winter riding can throw at you. ACF 50 is perfect for this protection. It is great stuff.

Water proofing Chris Hughes on Jul 30, 2016

Rating: 4

I needed a durable flexable spray on product to weather proof my amateur radio antenna's and cables in an open environment, this product is perfect in all respects

ACF 50 GARETH on Jul 23, 2016

Rating: 5

I used ACF50 when I bought my bike in 2009. It helped prevent corrosion around the exhaust and under the engine which helped get a better price for the bike when I sold it this year.

Protective spray John Simm on Jul 12, 2016

Rating: 4

A large can of weatherproofing spray have applied it to 2 bikes and my car. To act as a barrier against foul weather.

John Metcalfe on May 17, 2015

Rating: 4

This is excellent for protection, but the spray nozzle needs to be much finer as spray mist is much more effective.

giles caughey on Nov 25, 2014

Rating: 5

Great easy to use, with a rag not direct spray, and a great protection for any exposed metalwork. Invaluable if restoring a bike.

CARROLL JOHN on Aug 28, 2014

Rating: 4

This is much more resistant to washing off than WD40 and does a much better job of keeping any corrosion away whilst leaving a glossy finish on the black engine casings I've been spraying it on mating surfaces when putting accessories like luggage racck on the bike A very handy product that does what it says on the tin

DERRICK BARKER on Oct 24, 2012

Rating: 5

Great stuff been using it for years really does what it says on the tin!

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