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Reviews of BMW tool kit for all BMW's after 2004

BMW Tool KIt Steve Barley on Jul 29, 2020

Rating: 5

Great addition to the sparse toolkit issued with new BMW bikes. High quality kit includes all that is needed for roadside maintenance.

Mr. Fernando Ximénez on Jun 28, 2018

Rating: 5

Excellent kit. It constains everything you need for you BMW bike, in a normal situación. It´s ideal, because of its size and versability.

No more no less than you need Ben on Jun 29, 2017

Rating: 4

High quality kit, compact enough to fit under the Rallye seat with a puncture repair kit and visor cleaning kit. Has the tools to do most maintenance on your bike - it just died the job. Simple, no fuss solution. A big expensive- but to me, worth it! I liked the other reviewer who mentioned a small file adjustment to create front wheel removing tool too!

Ean Ean Lewin on Jul 01, 2016

Rating: 4

A great and simple tool kit to do most jobs but can't do some more obvious ones. With a tiny bit more, it could be perfect. Needs a "shifter" for the Rear brake adjust bottle screw( the on bike 8+10mm spanner needs to use both ends at the same time!) It needs a T20, T55 and T60(rear brake lever brkt, if you drop the bike and need to remove to straighten it!).A 3/8" 3" long extension to simplify rear wheel removal. The kits box spanner is 19mm on the outside and can fit into the front axle spindle for wheel removal, but needs filing smooth on the edges and cross drilling to take the bikes screwdriver as a lever. The supplied 13mm socket should be 12 side rather than 6, in case you need to do the exhaust headers. Excellent quality but could be perfect for the more adventurous GS rider who doesn't use the RAC!

M E on Jan 10, 2015

Rating: 5

quality items -recommended

Easton Hamish on Jan 07, 2015

Rating: 4

Good bit of kit BUT don't think it's worth the price lucky I got it as present because I would not pay that £s for it

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