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A Sargent front and rear seat - standard height (BLACK PIPING) -R1200GS/Adventure (to 2013)

A Sargent front and rear seat - standard height  (BLACK PIPING) -R1200GS/Adventure (to 2013)


Part No: SAR-R1200GS-B

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The BMW R1200GS seat from Sargent is shown with TITAN SILVER METALLIC color-coordinated piping and CarbonFX seating inserts. Black piping is also available. The BMW M-Sport tri-color detail is £49 extra
At Sargent's, revolutionary thinking is an everyday process. Never satisfied with the status quo, their Research and Development Team is constantly striving to bring you the ultimate in high-performance, distinctive seating products.
Technical Specifications:
This seat is made with Sargents lightweight CarbonTec seat pan, Super Cell Atomic Foam suspension, and dazzling, color-coordinated upholstery.
The Super Cell Atomic Foam is incredible for rider and passenger comfort because it is more dense that normal upholstery foam and therefore offers better support
Improved foam shape for long-distance riding (wider and slightly dish contour for more lateral support).
Precision-engineered CarbonTec seat pan construction with all mounting hardware included - fits and functions like the OEM stock seat.
Completely compatible with the 2-way seat height adjustments.
Built-in storage container under passenger / rear seat.
The BMW M-Sport tri-color detail is £49 extra.
The front driver's seat height is about 1/2 lower than stock for better stability and reach to the ground.
Built on the CarbonTec seat pan, both the front and rear seats are lightweight and precision moulded for excellent fit.
And, Sargent doesn't cut corners on hardware. All mounting hardware is meticulously engineered and installed - ready to ride.
While full feature and pricing information is not yet available, here are some details from the Sargent R&D Division:
Lightweight, precision-molded seat pan design.
Ergomically superior Super Cell foam construction.
Fully adjustable in all seat positions, like BMW stock seats.
Built-in storage in the rear seat.
Backrest also available.
Heat Option Available - NEW from Sargent!Fully-variable / adjustable electronic controller for precise comfort control in all weather conditions. This controller is solid-state, water-proof with LED readout for night adjustments. It can be easily mounted on the fuel tank, handle bar, etc. Wiring assembly includes built-in relay and in-line fuse.
R1200GS (2004 to 2012)
R1200 Adventure (2005 to 2013)
If you want the heated option, please send us an e-mail to confirm this after you have ordered your seat.
What material is used?
A non slip fabric call Carbon FX
What is the Piping?
This is the raised beading that separates the seat Insert from the Panels
Are Sargent seats the same height as the original seat?
Except for the LOW versions of a seat (where applicable) the nominal height of the seat will be the same as the original seat.
Do Sargent seats fit straight on to the bike?
Yes - they fit exactly the same way as the original seat.Sargent seats have all the fittings required already mounted to the seat
Will the Sargent seat be adjustable like the original seat?
Yes - what ever adjustment is present as standard will still be there
Are Sargent Seats more comfortable than the OEM seat?
Yes, they are. Most original seats contain a soft foam, which makes the seat feel nice and comfy in the showroom, but is not much good at long-distance support.
For distance comfort, a firm foam is required.
Are Sargent seats a GEL seat?
No. After many years of trials and testing, we determined that gel polymer products did not perform as well as our Super Cell Foam product.Gel displayed many problems such as heat retention, dimensional instability, and added weight to the end product.
Gel cannot be easily secured to the base foam resulting in joint bonding issues.After substantial side-by-side comparisons, Super Cell Foam has prevailed as the hands down favourite for customers from a comfort standpoint as well as functional or use standpoint.Super Cell Foam does not suffer from any of the negative characteristics of gel products as mentioned above.
Are Sargent seats waterproof?
Yes, they are. There is a waterproof membrane glued directly to the foam of the seat.This membrane is not perforated by any stitching.All the seams are taped internally.Therefore no water can enter beneath the seat fabric. The only location that holds water is the stitching itself, which is obviously very little and it cannot enter the seat.
Is there a 'break-in' period?
Not really - the seat will give slightly after a few hours, but that's it!Because the seat will feel so different after the OEM seat, it will feel slightly odd until one becomes accustomed to the different shape and feel.
For more comments about seats see this website and search for Sargent:
HEATED OPTION - add 1 x part number SAR-XHEAT for each part of the seat that you want heated (1 x woud be for the front and 2 x would be for front AND rear)