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Akrapovic conical titanium collectors R NINE T

£829.00 £739.00

Part No: AKP-E-B12E3

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Release the power - removes the catalytic converter - no adjustment to the fuel mixture necessary !

Titanium Conical Header Set; Eliminates Catalytic Converter but retains the exhaust control valve.


NOT available in BMW dealers or in any country outside the UK!

Akrapovic have unveiled the long awaited connical titanium steel collectors with crossover pipe for the popular R NINE T

The unique design is very distinctive and can be used with OE silencer, Akrapovic silencer (including BMW supplied Akrapovic) and other popular silencers such as Remus.

This header set is manufactured for high grade stainless steel and the complex design promotes mid range and peak power, thus not sacrificing drivability..


When fitted with the Akrapovic silencer the power increase is 8bhp (baffle out) and 6.5bhp with baffle in.

This figure is peak power, but does not explain the surge in mid-range power gained. There is a MASSIVE increase in torque between 3,500 and 5,500 rpm.

The increase at 5,000 is 12% more torque than standard from 88nm to 99nm

Fitting the collectors alone with the OE silencer will give about 3-4hp gain

No other modifications to the carburation are necessary when fitting these collectors. The exhaust flap is retained and full fitting instructions are included

Weight of standard exhaust 4.5 kilos

Weight of stainless collectors from Akrapovic 3.1 kilos

Weight of these titanium collectors from Akrapovic 1.7 kilos



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