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Reviews of GiVi power hub for your tank bag

Hmmmm! 🧐 Surdan Whatley on Mar 31, 2022

Rating: 4

It does the job really well and it’s the only solution given the tank bag design; BUT, it’s well over-priced!

ReCharging kit on the bike. Bob Jardine on Jul 15, 2021

Rating: 4

Purchased in conjunction with the cable / battery connection, thus provides multi charging ports, ideal for recharging on the road. I use it with an Oxford tank bag, keeps everything dry & safe. Order received very promptly. Ideal piece of kit for my purposes.

Power Hub Simon on Feb 18, 2018

Rating: 5

Easy way to charge multiple things in my tank bag it works well but haven't found a switched power source yet

Givi Power Hub David on Dec 11, 2016

Rating: 5

This is a great item I Have fitted to my BMW GS Adventure tank bag means I can charge numerous items whilst travelling and keep the unit water proof as well

GiVi Power Hub Kevin Sims on Nov 19, 2016

Rating: 5

Brilliant product, easy to fit into tank bag. Will also fit into my handle bar bag.

Mark Wilde on Nov 05, 2015

Rating: 5

Great bit of kit. I wired mine direct to the battery. Easy install and now I can charge my phone, camera and headset all at once. The green LEDs are also a neat touch.

Philip Knight on Aug 27, 2015

Rating: 5

Great idea from GIVI again. You do need the 12 v Power cable to complete a good installation.A simple system, but highly effective, and neat.

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