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Antigravity UltraLight-X Multi-Function modular torch



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The NEW UltraLight X is a Modular, Multi-function 4-in-1 torch. It’s a torch, Bluetooth Music Player, Speakerphone, and Power Bank!
Easily pairs with Bluetooth Devices so you can play & control any Audio and even Answer Calls hands-free. Use the torch and Audio at the same time, or swap the LED end-piece for a 2nd Speaker (included). When your phone or tablet runs low on power, use UL-X to recharge it and other USB devices.
The UltraLight X is a truly Multi-Function torch. It is a compact LED torch that can also be used as a Bluetooth Audio Speaker, Hands-Free Audio Device, and a Power Bank to charge your USB Devices when they run low on power. The UltraLight X is a 3-piece modular unit and it can be used as a Bluetooth Audio Device and torch at the same time, or you can take off the removable torch head and replace it with the included extra Speaker to get a fuller, louder audio experience.
The UltraLight X has a built-in Lithium-Ion battery that is easily recharged from any USB Port. The UL-X flashlight comes as a complete kit, including an Extra Speaker and 2 mounts. Use the Bicycle Handlebar Mount for lighting your ride and safely listening to music ears-free. Use the Car Visor Clip for hands-free music and phone operation while driving. The kit also comes with an Instruction Manual, and a USB Cable to charge and power your USB devices or for recharging the UL-X itself. It’s functional, simple and fun!
The UltraLight can be used as a LED torch to light your way while hiking, walking or looking for your gear in dark places. It’s also the perfect light to carry on your bike, being it can easily be charged from a USB Port or Cigarette Lighter adapter, or even your ANTIGRAVITY MICRO-START. The UL-X is also Water Resistant and can handle wet weather!
The UltraLight can operate as a Wireless Bluetooth Speaker playing your favorite music, audio books, podcasts and more from your Bluetooth devices such as Phones, Tablets, iReaders, Computers and more. Additionally you can use the UltraLight X to control your Bluetooth Device and Play or Pause your audio, Raise or Lower the Volume, or Skip to Next or Previous Song… all without touching your device; just press the buttons on the UltraLight X. Perfect for kicking back and listening to your tunes around the fire, in the tent or at your desk in your office.
The UltraLight can be used as a Hands-Free Bluetooth Speaker Phone! Just pair your Bluetooth Phone and when a call comes in you can take it through the UL-X. You can answer the Phone, End the Call and Re-Dial the last number you called just by pressing the buttons on the UltraLight. It even comes with a mount to put it on the Visor of your Vehicle so you can keep your hands on the wheel and still take your phone calls!
The UltraLight can also act as a Power Bank Charger to give some extra charge to your Phone, Tablet, GoPro Camera and any other USB devices. It has a 2600 mAh lithium battery which can be used to give you that extra bit of charge for your devices when you are running low on power.So when you need an all-in-one device to take on your Adventures, the UltraLight X is the JACK-KNIFE of Flashlights! It’s the perfect companion to carry in your vehicle and use for hiking, camping, boating, traveling and much more. Don’t leave home without one!
• 1 UltraLight X Multi-Function Modular Flashlight
• 1 Extra Speaker for the UltraLight (This allows you to remove the modular torch head and put the 2nd Speaker on for louder fuller audio sound)
• 1 Bicycle Mount
• 1 Visor Clip
• 1 USB Cable (For charging the UltraLight X, or use to charge your devices with the UltraLight X)
• 1 Instruction Manual

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