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Motogadget Motoscope Pro - R NINE T 2014 to 2016


Part No: WUN-44481-000

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The Motoscope Pro is the only Plug&Ride instrument on the market.
The CAN-Bus interface of Motoscope Pro, makes possible the complete illustration of all original operations (except for the grip heating adjusting). The original plug connector to the wiring harness makes this instrument a real Plug & Ride solution. Just plug in and go!
A LED-Matrix display makes also possible the construction of an ultra flat bodydesign. 734 single LEDs, controlled by a 16bit Risc Processor, compose the self luminous display providing for an optimal clearness of display – even by direct sunlight. An automatic brightness adjustment is included.
An analogue LED-band shows the engine speed and the right switching point. The main and the secondary display are self configurable. A further display area shows the gear position.
Four checking lights are already integrated and can be used for much more input signals on the display.
The housing, made from a solid aluminium block, is milled, anodised and can be easily fixed with two threaded bushes.
:Motoscope Pro with about 70 cm connecting cable, 2 stainless steel fixing screws, detailed mounting and operating manual.
Technical data and functions:
Length/Width/Depht: 109 mm/ 47 mm/ 11 mm
Weight: ca. 100 g
Fastening: 2 x M3 threades bushes
Power input in operation: max. 200 mA (load dependent)
Power input when not in use: 0.4 mA
Operating voltage: 9 V - 15 V
Operating temperature: -20°... +80°C
Rev counter (LED-band): 0 – 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 krpm (adjustable)
Tachometer: 0 – 350 km/h o. mph
Trip recorder A: up to 999.9 km or mi
Trip recorder B: up to 999.9 km or mi
Total distance (adjustable): up to 250000 km or mi
Running hours counter/service: 0 – 9999.5 h
Clock: 23:59 h/min
Journey time display: 0 – 99:59:59 h/min/s
Rev counter (on LCD): 0 – 20000 rpm
Adjustable rev counter warning (shift light): 0 – 20000 rpm
Vehicle voltage display: 9 – 18 V
Undervoltage warning: warning when under 11V
Timing: 0 - 100 km/h o. 0 - 60 mph 0.00 – 30.59 sec.
Current acceleration: +/- 0.00 – 1.50 G
Average speed:0 – 350 km/h o. mph
Maximum value speed: 0 – 350 km/h o. mph
Maximum value engine speed: 0 – 20000 rpm
max. acceleration: +1.50 G
max. deceleration: - 1.50 G
Gear display: N, gear 1 - 6
green control-LED: idle speed (N)
green control-LED: indicator left, right
blue control-LED: main beam
red warning-LED: warning functions for engine warning light / ABS
R NINE T 2014 to 2016

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