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Wunderlich Optimate 4.3 BMW Can Bus Goldline dual Charger with UK plug


Part No: WUN-20190-100

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The Wunderlich Edition Optimate version 4.3 has these additional features as well as a general redesign:
Shorter recharge times from flat as output has increased from 0.8A to 1A.
Improved efficiency through revisions to the charge programs.
Less confusing display as LED #3 (Save) and LED #4 (Charge) no longer flash during their respective Turbo Recovery and Pulsed Absorption stages.

The new Optimate 4.3 Dual is no ordinary battery Optimiser, its revised and upgraded state-of-the-art electronics are designed to test, charge and recover all batteries on BMW motorcycles from 2004 to the present day. So it will work on all BMW motorcycles with the modern Can Bus wiring system.
This Goldline version is exclusive to Nippy Normans and comes with a special connector to plug directly into the accessory socket on all post 2004 BMW motorcycles AND crocodile clip connectors .
The main differences between this Optimate and the cheaper one is crocodile clips included is lighter in weight and has even more sophisticated diagnostic circuits.
So this charger is suitable for ALL BMW MOTORCYCLES with or without Can Bus wiring and for ALL OTHER MAKES OF MOTORCYCLE
What’s more Optimate 4 BMW Can Bus Goldline Charger will continue to monitor the battery and keep a check on its performance, delivering the right amount of charge at the right time, every time.
All BMW motorcycles from 2004 to the present day this includes:

All C series (scooters)
All F series
All G series
All K series
All R series
All S series
All BMW motorcycles built prior to 2004
All other makes of motorcycles
Don’t be fooled….no other charger offers you the intelligent multi-stage charging that Optimate 4.3 gives you:
¨ Safe and easy to use
¨ Competitively priced
¨ Easier-to-read display panel symbols
¨ Ideal for providing current for alarm systems on vehicles in storage
¨ Raised limit of 22 volts in recovery mode
¨ New revised circuitry for improved
Recently BMW owners have reported big problems with the so-called CANBUS electronic management system with which newer bikes like the R1200GS LC are being equipped. Owing to some muddled thinking in Munich, the CANBUS breaks the contact between the battery and the DC socket (with which the bike is equipped) when the maintenance input current via the socket falls below a seemingly not very consistent level of roughly 200mA, and fails to re-establish this contact so of course the battery goes flat. Therefore no current gets through to keep the battery topped up.
The Optimate 4.3 BMW Can Bus Goldline Charger gets over this problem by keeping the connection open when other chargers would not be able to do this.
Technical Specifications
Recommended for: AGM/MF, STD, GEL and spiral cell batteries from 2Ah to 50Ah
Program control: Microprocessor, 6 stages, fully automatic
Input current max: 0.095A @ 230V
Typical annual energy cost: less than £1.00 per year (continuous maintenance)
Reverse drain current: less than 0.0005A
Output current (bulk charge): 0.8A
Automatic desulphation: 2 stages (recovery and Turbo-recovery)
Charge time limit: 48 hours (maintenance time: unlimited)
Maintain / test cycles: 30 min/30 min (alternating hourly)
Charge retention test: 5 possible results from ‘good’ to ‘bad’
Size: 200 x 75 x 61mm
Weight: 900g
Enclosure classification: IP54 'Extreme Waterproof'
Mounting: easy direct wall mounting with holes provided
Input cable length: 2m Output cable length: 2m
Included Accessories: TM-95 Goldline connector for use in the accessory socket
Operation temperature range: -40°C / +40°C
Warranty: 2 years
All BMW motorcycles from 2004 to the present day this includes:

All C series (scooters)
All F series
All G series
All K series
All R series
All S series
All BMW motorcycles built prior to 2004
All other makes of motorcycles

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