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Pivot Pegz (mark 3) - R1200GS LC 2013 on, R1200Adventure LC 2014 on

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Part No: WUN-25931-000

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PivotPegz mark 3 ! The problem with most wider pegs, is that your boot needs to pivot on the leading edge of the peg when shifting or braking and this results in a less than optimal situation. PivotPegz mark 3 are a revolution in footpeg design. These pegs rotate beneath your boot so that your foot remains completely planted on the peg while shifting your weight or operating the foot control. The result is much easier shifts and much smoother, more controlled braking. Additionally, your foot is typically in a different angle relative to the foot controls when sitting or standing and the PivotPegz allow you to seamlessly sit or stand, always having the controls within ideal reach. The Pegz are a very high quality part made of stainless steel and are spring loaded, pivoting in both directions, front to rear. Even while riding on the street and sitting down, the improvement in comfort is immediately noticeable. The PivotPegz have been successfully used in off-road racing for many years and are now available for the BMW GS series.

Installation is simple and should take less than 5 minutes with nothing more than the most basic of hand tools needed. The Pegz are supplied with clear instructions and all needed hardware.
The height of Pivot Pegz is adjustable on most motorcycle models by simply interchanging the left and right Mount Assemblies. It is a simple task and takes less than 10 minutes and the end result is that you can lower your Pivot Pegz by about 10mm.
Pivot Pegz also give the user the option to remove the Pivot Springs and use Pivot Pegz with a springless pivoting action. This springless option has always been available on all model Pivot Pegz but quite simply tests have shown the spring loaded pivoting action to be the optimum set up but if you prefer a springless pivoting action then the option is available
• Enhanced bike feel and control
• Easier gear shifts and rear brake access
• Faster and smoother bodyweight transfer
• Reduced body jarring
• Superior foothold
• Maximum load distribution
• Extended boot life
• A precision built, high performance product
• PivotPegz can also be lowered.
• TÜV approved

R1200GS LC 2013 onwards (NOTE: the right peg will not fold completely)
R1200GS LC Adventure 2014 onwards.(NOTE: the right peg will not fold completely)
BEWARE OF CHEAP IMITATIONS! These are the original, patented mark 3 Pivot Pegs!

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