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Desert Fox AirRider - Pillion Seat Cover


Part No: FOX-MCVAR1004

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Established in 2011, Desert Fox are high mileage overland travellers who develop their products while they tour the world from Iran to South Africa and beyond. Experience of actual use provides the customer with great long-distance gear.

Designed for riders of virtually every motorcycle.

Relives pain on long distances.

Easy to fit.

How does it work & what is the difference to a Gel / Memory foam seat ?

Unlike Gel & Memory foam seats, which have hard points, the AirRider employs a Dry flotation, Shape Fitting Technology.

This technology comprises unique interconnected air cells that constantly adjust as you move, evenly distributing your weight and pressure for a consistent blood flow (which reduces those “hot spots” that cause pain).

These air cells also work as mini shock absorbers, reducing vibration from the road.

The remarkable difference between an AirRider soft comfort seat and conventional gel/memory foam seats can best be illustrated as follows:

Imagine placing a gel pad over rough ground and then lying down on it. You would still feel the rocks and ground imperfections underneath.

However, if you were floating in a shallow swimming pool you would not feel the rocks and rough ground beneath you. Such a floating sensation is the essence of the AirRider DRY FLOATATION system and is achieved via a unique handmade air cell cushion.

Memory foam compressors. Gel seats generate heat and moisture. Both degrade and loose shape over time.

The AirRider does not, ensuring maximum comfort & peace of mind.

Once you’ve tried it, you won’t ride without it.


• Suits all models

• Curved front for maximum tank integration .

• Proven DRY FLOATATION technology, which has effectively assisted in the healing and prevention of pressure sores in wheelchair and long-term care patients for over 40 years. Now available in a motorcycle configuration.

• Balances your weight across the entire seat and adjusts to your unique body shape.

• Represents an evolution from the original Airhawk comfort seat: an upgraded abrasion resistant TPU inner ensures maximum comfort, strength and flexibility.
• A new high ventilation cover and space between air cells ensures maximum ventilation & dispersion of heat/moisture.

• Custom fits your shape when you ride- as you move it adapts to your movements and redistributes pressure that would otherwise cause numbness and discomfort.
• Reduces vibration and assists in absorbing road shocks.

• Non slip base.

• Ideal for long distance or time consuming rides.

• Mounts and removes easily with two straps (included) that connect under the seat.

• Dimensions: Length 28 cm x Width 23 cm