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Touratech lockable mounting v2.0 for Zumo 660 BLACK

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Touratech lockable mounting v2.0 for Zumo 660 BLACK


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Part No: TAT-065-0524


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Micheal on 08 Jan 2016

Bike Owned: K1200 trike r1200r. r1200rt
Town: Burntwood
Country: United Kingdom

Well designed well. Manufactured easy to install hard to remove the unit will protect your sat nav from the opportunist thief. Easy lock system enables the sat nav to be removed from the unit quickly. Highly recomended product. Not cheap but a lot cheaper than replacing your sat nav .


Jan on 21 Nov 2015

Bike Owned: R1200RS (2015) & F800GT
Town: Worcester Park
Country: United Kingdom

This is my second lockable Zumo 660 mount the first I rather mistakenly let go when I sold the bike it was on (too lazy to take it off, won't do that again)I've fitted this one on a ram mount on the handlebars of a F800GT it looks a bit 'Heath Robinson' but certainly cuts down the vibs getting to the Zumo. I might later fit it to a 'Bar Mount'that bolts to the handle bar mounting bolts but at the moment it can stay where it is.


Anthony on 23 Sep 2015

Bike Owned: Kawasaki GTR 1400
Town: Stourbridge
Country: United Kingdom

A well made piece of kit fitted it to my Kawasaki mounting bracket all holes lined up a perfect fit and solid fix.
it will deter the opportunist thieves when filling up Etc.


chris on 19 Apr 2015

Bike Owned: KTM 1190
Town: Morpeth
Country: United Kingdom

Excellent piece of kit. Easily assembled and does just what it is supposed to do. Would buy again.


Nigel on 01 Mar 2015

Bike Owned: Triumph Trophy 1200
Town: Southam
Country: United Kingdom

A really nice piece of kit. Well made, stylish and does the job of securing the satnav to the bike


Chris on 16 May 2014

Bike Owned: BMW R1200GS
Town: Salisbury
Country: United Kingdom

I love this item, really sturdy, well made and keeps the sat nav nice and steady on the bike. However I have only scored it a four due to issues with the brackets used to fit to the bike. If you have the BWM OEM additional cockpit mounting bar, then the aperture of the curved part of the brackets is not wide enough to fit flush onto the bar. This in turn means that the supplied bolts are not long enough to fit the item and required the purchase of longer bolts. At present I have not discovered a solution to this issue. I would suggest that if you intend buying this item and mounting in the cockpit, get the tourtech bracket and not the BMW one.


Keith on 15 Jul 2013

Bike Owned: R1200RT
Town: Weymouth
Country: United Kingdom

Expensive but a freat bit of kit.


Martin on 13 Jan 2012

Bike Owned: R1200GSA
Town: Farnham
Country: United Kingdom

Nicely made mount, not sure how the lifting mechanism cogs and teeth will fare if filled with sand/mud but hopefully the crud will not get that high up.
The lock feature is optional not like the V1 where you had to lock it to get the key out, you will have to remember to lock it when you want but does also mean you can use the mount without the key if you remove the Zumo when you park up.
The key position is lower than the V1 so it is much more accessible, no more jammed knuckles behind the screen.
Note that if you use Nippys windscreen bar mounting block, you will need to drill more holes in the mount as only two of the provided holes line up with the mount.
Also the bolts to fix the mount are long enough for a RAM bolt mount so need to be cut to fit Nippy's block.
It does sit lower than the V1 but still above the view of the rev counter.
Eary days yet but it seems a worthy update on the V1.


Stephen on 05 Nov 2011

Bike Owned: F800GS
Town: Peterborough
Country: United Kingdom

Great bit of kit. Much better than the V1. Very well designed and holds your 660 snug a securely.

Unfortunayely, like other TT products, at least in my experience, it was missing screws... even the replacement bag of hardware was missing the appropriate screws.

The MIA screws were the 4x that you see on the 'wings' of the device, as seen in the main picture.

Otherwise this is a great product that works well with a RAM mount or better, in my opinion as its more secure, a cross bar.

The only down side is its otherwise prohibitively expensive price.

This is the improved version 2.0 mount...

The Zumo 660 was specially developed for motorbike use.
The motorbike mounting supplied with the ZUMO including the power supply and connections for the headset are to be integrated in the v2.0 Touratech lockable mounting. If the original Garmin motorbike mounting is used on its own, motorbike vibrations can cause the unit to oscillate severely within its mounting.

Consequential damage may occur:

- large potholes, kerbs or accidental touching of the lever can unlock the unit
- inadvertent opening of the lock of the original mounting can only be prevented by a very small lock screw

The new ZUMO 660 mount V2.0 incorporates a lot of expertise - Touratech developers have incorporated experience from many trips into this innovative product.
The ZUMO 660 handlebar mount V2.0 features a new cushioned opening mechanism, and the mount closes and locks in two separate steps.

The mount closes to hold the ZUMO 660 securely in place, and then the closure mechanism can be locked.
The Garmin base mount with power supply which comes with the ZUMO 660 is integrated into the Touratech handlebar mount V2.0.

Touratech ZUMO 660 handlebar mount V2.0 features:

- Stabilises and secures the ZUMO 660 while riding, even over nasty potholes or heavy terrain
- Touratech tried-and-tested vibration damping protects the ZUMO 660
- Holds and fixes the ZUMO 660 in place while protecting the power supply strip
- Prevents the original Garmin closure being opened accidentally or without your permission
- Its easy to insert the ZUMO 660 into the mount and remove it again
- Utilises Touratechs cushioned opening mechanism
- Can be fitted directly onto 12 mm centre strut or onto the swivel head adapter supplied with the Zumo
- All functions on your ZUMO 660 remain easily accessible in all situations
- Laser-cut, anodised aluminium parts, manufactured using CNC technology, provide stability and precision
- This Touratech handlebar mount has been designed and developed specially for the ZUMO 660
- ZUMO 660 handlebar mount V2.0 is lockable

The GPS ZUMO and GARMIN plastic holder, shown in the images are not supplied with the mounting.

Size: approx. 124mm x 100 (122) mm x 52mm (122 mm for locking mechanism)
Weight: approx. 240 g

There are various adaptors available to mount this product to the handlbars or screen cross bar on different models. See the GPS section or search under 'GPS mount'.

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Lead for connecting any Garmin or TomTom gps into the BMW harness



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