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MachineArt MudSling® MAX & Avant R1200GS,R1200 Adv. ALL YEARS

MachineArt MudSling® MAX & Avant R1200GS,R1200 Adv. ALL YEARS


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Roger on 04 Aug 2014

Bike Owned: Bmw gsa 1200
Town: Melhus
Country: Norway

Simple but effective


andrew on 07 Jul 2014

Bike Owned: r1200gs tu - 2010
Town: sutton in ashfield
Country: United Kingdom

fitted both units - front and rear in about 30 mins - more due to my hands than the units - got the large rear unit so left esa cover on as well - been out once in wet over country lanes - nothing past rear and fine spray past front - bile washed in 5 mins when back

Fantastic !!!!!!!!!!


Dick on 27 Jun 2014

Bike Owned: BMW1200GSA
Town: Carlisle
Country: United Kingdom

What a neat couple of products. A doddle to fit, works perfectly and though expensive, absolutely perfect fit and really high quality. No more mud everywhere! Great service from nippy Norman's as well.


Ian on 25 Jun 2014

Bike Owned: BMW R1200gs
Town: Oxfordshire
Country: United Kingdom

Really nice addition to the bike, well manufactured and finished. Clear instruction sheet included which makes fitting simple. Provides complete protection of the seat under tray area and pre load shock and spring. Well worth the money without doubt.


Christian on 02 Jun 2014

Bike Owned: BMW R 1200 GS 2012
Country: France

Perfect packed, clear installation instruction, perfect fit and really easy to install. Very good product and quality.


Alfred on 21 Apr 2014

Bike Owned: BMW R1200GS Adventure 90 2013
Town: Bad Neustadt
Country: Germany

Fast delivery, perfect packed, clear instalation instruction, perfect fit and really easy to install, even for me ;o)
I'm totally sattisfied and can recomend the parts warmly.


tim on 14 Mar 2014

Bike Owned: 1200gsa
Town: chorley
Country: United Kingdom

does what it says on the tin!!!
easy peasy fitting.
sepecially pleased with the front extender for keeping crud off the engine.


Steve on 26 Dec 2013

Bike Owned: R1200GS
Town: Oxon
Country: United Kingdom

After hrs of cleaning I made the decision to buy these item, easy to install (20mins for both items).
I wish I had put these straight on the bike, yes their not cheap but they do an excellent job so well worth the cost.


Tony on 26 Jul 2013

Bike Owned: BMW r1200 gs adventure
Town: Bury st Edmunds
Country: United Kingdom

Have used mudsling on a few GSA bikes. First time I have used mudsling max or this extenda.
Both fitted in minutes, look original and works.
Only 4 out of 5 as they are very expensive bits of plastic.


Christian on 24 Jul 2013

Bike Owned: R1200GS
Town: Inzell
Country: Germany

Perfect fit, perfect quality, the best you can get for protection!!!!!!!


Wayne on 21 Jun 2013

Bike Owned: BMW R1200GS
Town: Inverness
Country: United Kingdom

A bit pricey but well made and a good fit.looks like original equipment once fitted.most impressed.


Pär-Olov on 27 May 2013

Bike Owned: BMW R1200GS -06
Town: Olofström
Country: Sweden

A piece of ridiculously overpriced plastic?
Maybe. Until you take your first trip in mud or wet gravel roads. Or whatever. You don't pay for the plastic itself. You pay for protection. And it protects!


Andrew on 15 May 2013

Bike Owned: R1200gs adventure 2013
Town: Noosa
Country: Australia

Dead easy to fit. Work well. Look like genuine BMW parts they blend in perfectly. Why the hell doesn't BMW provide them as standard fitment?


Richard on 22 Apr 2013

Bike Owned: BMW R1200GS
Town: Tunbridge Wells
Country: United Kingdom

The Mudsling Max was quick and easy to fit and looks like it was part of the original bike. Once fitted it is hard to understand why BMW did not design something similar in the first place!

Fairly expensive item but the re-designed Mudsling Max appears to be an easier and better fit and works well with the ESA system without having to remove the weather shield on the spring/damper.

The Avant front mudguard extension is a logical purchase for a road use bike and is very neat, as well as simple to fit.


Robert on 06 Apr 2013

Bike Owned: BMW 1200 GS Adventurer
Town: Leicestershire
Country: United Kingdom

Brilliant bit of kit. Easy to install on bike. So pleased with product my mate asked me too get him one and he cant believe how the mudslingers keep everything so clean. Thanks too Nippy Norman for a quick transaction.


Paul on 04 Apr 2013

Bike Owned: BMW R1200GS
Town: Huntingdon
Country: United Kingdom

Really well made such that everything marries up perfectly with existing screws and fitted in a few minutes.


kevin on 03 Feb 2013

Bike Owned: GS1200
Town: brampton
Country: United Kingdom

Buying both of these makes a lot of sense certainly to a new bike.
Both were easy to fit and the looks of the bike are maintained.


Graham on 18 Jan 2013

Bike Owned: R1200GS
Town: Horsham
Country: United Kingdom

Seems to be Excellent. Not had much chance to try it yet.


Mark on 02 Oct 2012

Bike Owned: r1200gs adv
Town: Newcastle
Country: United Kingdom

Both of the products are fantastic quality. The instructions are easy and clear and the actual fitment of both were simple. They look good on the bike and do exactly what they were designed to do. Great Product!


Dave on 24 Sep 2012

Bike Owned: R1200GS Adventure
Town: Pickering
Country: United Kingdom

Fantastic bit of kit, easy to fit and makes a huge difference to weather protection. Just been out in some torrential rain and muddy back roads, and for once my rear Ohlins is not covered in filth, and the front of the motor is also mostly muck free.
It even looks like it was factory fitted and is a perfect match for the bike.
Buy one, you won't be disappointed


miles on 28 Jul 2012

Bike Owned: 1200gs
Town: doncaster
Country: United Kingdom

they are as axactly described on your website and are extremely easy to fit, worked wonders during the heavy rains and the flooded roads


Rolf Konrad on 18 Jun 2012

Bike Owned: BMW R1200GS
Town: Lundamo
Country: Norway

Really good keeping the dirt away from clothes and parts of the bike :-))


Rex on 03 Jun 2012

Bike Owned: R1200 GSA
Town: Shoreham-by-sea
Country: United Kingdom

These should be fitted as standard. I cannot believe I waited nearly three years to fit the Mud Sling and front extender to my bike.


John on 30 May 2012

Bike Owned: 1200 GS
Town: Grimsby
Country: United Kingdom

At last I now have dry boots and legging bottoms free from road muck when riding in the rain. Why BMW don't fit these as standard I don't know.


mike on 25 Apr 2012

Bike Owned: 1200gsa
Town: hampshire
Country: United Kingdom

Easy to fit and work brilliantly - but it is very expensive, which lost it a star.


I on 25 Mar 2012

Bike Owned: R1200 GS Rallye
Town: Broxburn
Country: United Kingdom

Front Avant fender is very effective if not the most stylish of fender extenders. The mudsling max does protect the suspension, battery box etc and is quite unobtrusive when fitted. It does not however provide any protection against the throw from the rear wheel for the passenger and allows the spray to be sucked into the vortex behind the rider when there is no pillion. Geared for bike protection only which it does very well. Instructions for both very easy to follow and fit.

The twin pack includes 1 x MudSling MAX (12% larger than the standard MudSling) and 1 x Avant front mudguard extender...


The MUDSLING is specially designed for '08 and '10 bikes onwards but fits ALL YEARS

The MudSling MAX is exclusivly distributed in Europe by Nippy Normans.

The ultimate MudSling !

This is the MudSling MAX !

MachineartMoto, designers of specialized products for BMW motorcycles, introduce an all new MudSling. rear fender for the BMW R1200GS and R1200Adventure. The MudSling MAX design adds new benefits to the successful MudSling. formula originally introduced in 2005. Fitting in between the rear shock and tyre, it deflects mud, water, and rocks away from the suspension, battery area and rider to prevent damage and keep the rear of the bike cleaner.


The MudSling MAX is re-shaped to be longer and wider with 12% more surface area for even better splash coverage than the original MudSling.. It is designed to fit with Jesse Odyssey II and Micatech aluminum pannier mounting brackets in addition to standard BMW and aftermarket side cases from SW Motech and Pelican. The MudSling MAX fits with both standard and ESA suspension.

"Our policy is to constantly improve the functionality of our products while broadening their appeal through customer feedback. We designed the MAX to meet the needs of customers who own aftermarket aluminum cases, and that added feature distinguishes it in the market¡¨, says Andrew Serbinski President of Machineart. "If a rider has invested in an expensive aftermarket shock or the ESA option, the extra coverage area of the MudSling.MAX is its best protection".

Comparisons show that the MudSling is thicker, stronger AND gives more coverage than any similar product!
PLUS it has a far better finish which matches OE plastics.

Designed to keep the muck that the rear wheel throws up off you and the rear of the bike, the MudSling is a top quality product:
It offers great protection for the rear shock and for the very exposed battery!
The protection is so good that the stock shock guard is no longer needed

More features:

***Manufactured from 4mm thick High Impact ABS
***Quality textured finished.
***Easily fitted securely with two screws and four zip ties included.

The wide design of the MudSling also keeps the under seat area cleaner
Includes full fitting instructions and relevant fittings

NOTE:The Mudsling is not recommended for use on bikes with lowered suspension. Suspension travel interference may result.

ALL BIKES - Always adjust your suspension when going from 1 up riding to 2 up and/or 2 up loaded to prevent the suspension from bottoming out - this will optimise the performance of the MudSling.

R1200 GS ('04 on)
R1200GS mark 2 (08 on)(even if ESA is fitted)
R1200GS mark 3 (2010 on) (even if ESA is fitted)
R1200 Adventure ('05 to '09) (even if ESA is fitted)
R1200 Adventure (2010 on)(even if ESA is fitted)


So fits ALL years of R1200GS and Adventure from 2004 to 2011 and beyond even if ESA is fitted)


This article recently appeared in BMW NEWS AMERICA:


"The Mudsling mounts just forward of the rear tire, and protects the shock and battery housing, including the partially exposed wiring, from whatever your tire decides to throw in the general direction of the interior of your bike. Mounting is so simple that after walking out to the parking lot, the MudSling was installed in less than 10 minutes, including listening to advice from the 3 to 5 member peanut gallery that gathers whenever tools come out amongst the BMW community".

"The MudSling mounts so simply that anyone familiar with the working end of a torx wrench can do it. Remove two pre-existing T25 torx head screws from under the rear end of your bike, place the MudSling with the pre-drilled holes aligned, run the screws back in, and then attach zip ties to the sides which cradle the frame bars. Then get on and ride."

"Fabricated from high impact ABS plastic, the MudSling has protected my GSA from mud, rocks, gravel, dirt and water from the south end of Belize to halfway up the Labrador coast, including the nastiest Iowa clay and gravel mixture known to man. At one point the bike had so much of this clay jammed in between the front tire and the fender that I was forced to stop and scrape it out using a handy stick.
Twice !!!
I can only imagine the mess this would have created for the rear shock and fixtures well up inside the bike without my MudSling standing guard. The stock BMW "protection" would have been about as useful as a parasol in a hurricane!"

The AVANT IS The best extender fender in the world !

From the makers of the MudSling

The MachineArt Avant Extender Fender offers these features:


The new MachineArt Avant fender extension INSTALLS WITHOUT DRILLING and adds extra width and 5.25" of length to better control mud, tar and rocks splashing back onto your pipes and engine.
This patent pending design installs with three self-locking screw clamps that grip the fender underside for a secure fit WITH NO DRILLING, while the angled back wings give you wide coverage without looking wide.
Injection molded in resilient polypropylene, it EXACTLY MATCHES the texture of the original mudguard.
There is nothing else like it. !!!

R1200GS mark 1(04 to 07)
R1200GS mark 2 (08 to 09)
R1200GS mark 3 (2010 on)
R1200 Adventure (05 to 09))
R1200 Adventure (2010 on)

Cymarc R1200GS & GSA Adventure oil cooler guard (BLACK)

Cymarc R1200GS & GSA Adventure oil cooler guard (BLACK)

Part: CYM-CY0177TB


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Touratech tie down straps100cm (each)

Touratech tie down straps100cm (each)

Part: TAT-055-0032


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Wunderlich spigot and rubber gromit

Wunderlich spigot and rubber gromit

Part: WUN-8170003


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