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ACF-50 Anti-corrosion treatment 0.95 litre bottle

ACF-50 Anti-corrosion treatment 0.95 litre bottle

£35.00 NOW! £29.00

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Byron on 19 Nov 2015

Bike Owned: GDA Adventure LC
Town: Sunderland
Country: United Kingdom

Brillant Product


sam on 14 Nov 2015

Bike Owned: no
Town: limavady
Country: United Kingdom

quick delivery. item as described


John on 12 Oct 2015

Bike Owned: R1150GS / F800GS
Town: Rushden
Country: United Kingdom

This type of application seems better than an aerosol as it is easier to direct where you want to use the ACF50.


Steve on 13 Sep 2015

Bike Owned: Klr650
Town: Nailsworth
Country: United Kingdom

The best product to keep rust at bay


Rod on 09 Aug 2015

Bike Owned: BMW R12 00 GSA LC
Town: Looe
Country: United Kingdom

The best anti rust treatment you can buy, it also makes the bike look fresh and new if used after cleaning by wiping over the bike with some on a cloth.


colin on 06 Jul 2015

Bike Owned: Yamaha MT09 Tracer
Town: Ipswich
Country: United Kingdom

I have used this stuff for a number of years on various bikes & am well satisfied at the results it provides.
I will carry on using it for as long as i am able to keep on riding.


Pekka on 08 Jun 2015

Bike Owned: BMW R1100GS
Town: Vantaa
Country: Finland

Excellent stuff. I use it in many places. Second time I bought a big bottle.


John on 22 Feb 2015

Bike Owned: BMW F650GS Twin
Town: Yarm
Country: United Kingdom

Handy presentation of ACF-50 with the small spray bottle. Spray the stuff onto a rag to wipe over the bike. It won't squirt any distance or a fine spray onto electrics so it's useful to have an aerosol too.


Nigel on 01 Feb 2015

Bike Owned: BMW R1200GS
Town: Cardigan
Country: United Kingdom

Fantastic product. Not over hyped, does exactly what it says it will. I have been using ACF50 for years after discovering its use at an aircraft engineering facility.


Paul on 05 Jan 2015

Bike Owned: R1200rt
Town: Scunthorpe
Country: United Kingdom

Speedy delivery and well packaged product. No problem with my spray bottle - I know some have suggested that this did not work but mine was fine. I am a first time user of this product and applied it the day I got it and have not used a great deal of it on first application. Sprayed it on and then used a cloth to wipe it round even further and into the nooks and crannies. I have been riding through the Winter and not washed the bike off at all so I cant say at the moment if it has worked sufficiently however on quick inspection I dont see any corrosion but I would think its a bit early to see as yet.


Neil on 28 Dec 2014

Bike Owned: Bmw r1200 gsa
Town: Southport
Country: United Kingdom

Does what it says on the tin. As BMW continue to reduce the quality of the finish and the materials used, ACF50 is a must to maintain the finish of your expensive pride and joy to stop it rusting away


Philip on 23 Dec 2014

Bike Owned: R1200gs
Town: Colwyn Bay
Country: United Kingdom

Easy to spray using supplied bottle and covers well.True protection will only be known in the spring.


matt on 21 Dec 2014

Bike Owned: BMW R1200GT
Town: Stoke on Trent
Country: United Kingdom

A good bit of kit to help protect your bike from the ravages of winter, damp or to protect during storage. I use it on metal an plastic and have found the best way to apply is with a clean cloth so as to leave a thin film rather than use the spray which is more of a thick squirt nozzle rather than a fine aerosol mist. useful for painting onto electronic components to expel water and moisture and keep you bike firing up first time, every time. Can be a bit messy to apply but worth the effort. Some motorbike dealers are now even offering a ACF50 application service if you cant be bothered to do it yourself!


John on 18 Oct 2014

Bike Owned: BMW R1200GS
Town: Durham
Country: United Kingdom

Have used this before on my other motor cycles and pedal bikes.Very easy to apply and does what it says i.e stops corrosion.The price is excellent and with free postage was a no miss offer.As with all my dealings with nippy normans service and delivery first class.A must buy product.


Steve on 13 Sep 2014

Bike Owned: Triumph Speedmaster Efi
Town: Falun
Country: Sweden

This stuff is as good as it claims to be. I ordered from Nippy Norm because it's almost impossible to get this stuff in Sweden where I now live. WD40 is okay for some things but ACF50 is in a whole different class. You don't need to use much as it 'creeps' very well. I have been using ACF50 for around five years now and whilst I think it's expensive, in my opinion it's worth it. My bike still looks spanking new although it's now five years old.


Bent Are on 19 Jul 2014

Bike Owned: NX250Dominator
Town: Bergen
Country: Norway

Truly a bike-saver! I drive all-year, in winter this is driving in heavily salted roads. Everything rusts like ¤#%, if you don't protect. A car is easy to protect, but a bike has always been difficult. Until ACF-50! I give the bike a spray every 30-50 days during winter, and Hey Presto - no more rust, and no more corroded electric connectors/switches! 1ltr bottle is enough for 2-3 seasons, so very affordable in use.
Highly recommended also to all kind of electrics: Switches, reostats, relays. I also use this in 230V equipments with excellent results. All my garden machinery (cultivator, lawn mowers) also get a spray once a year.


Bryan on 22 May 2014

Bike Owned: BMW R1200 GSA
Town: Saxmundham
Country: United Kingdom

Essential to stop your bike rusting from underneath you. In many respects, better than the straight aerosol spray versions as you can concentrate the jet better.


Richard on 29 Mar 2014

Bike Owned: Honda
Town: Lincoln
Country: United Kingdom

An excellent product that is long lasting and provides fantastic lubrication and protection. I found the litre bottle excellent value and the provision of the new style pump a good step forward.
Highly recommended if you want the best!


Dolf on 25 Jan 2014

Bike Owned: R1200GSA
Town: Purmerend
Country: Netherlands

Super fluid. Works fine for anti corrosion, elektrics, plastics and Total care. Smells very Nice and iT lubes.


Dave on 22 Dec 2013

Bike Owned: BMW1200GS
Town: Southampton
Country: United Kingdom

The product is very good at preserving my BMW bike applied then removed excess with clean rag, also sprayed my Yaris engine compartment, which now looks really good, like new.


graham on 29 Oct 2013

Bike Owned: f800gs
Town: yelverton
Country: United Kingdom

great for painting on to bolt heads etc to stop furring.


Andy on 24 Sep 2013

Bike Owned: BMW K1600
Town: Barmouth
Country: United Kingdom

Very happy with this - I got on well with the pump dispenser as long as I used lots of pressure. Should go further than aerosol can. Looks like this formula will offer loads longer protection than WD40 etc and not as unsightly as waxoil.


Orhan on 12 Sep 2013

Bike Owned: R1200GSW 2013
Town: istanbul/beylikduzu
Country: Turkey

I applied it even on complicated electronics of GSW, thereia no problem so far.
Thanks to NN for such a quick delivery and package.


BARD on 23 Jul 2013

Bike Owned: R1200 GSA 2012
Town: 78
Country: France

Excellent produit
protège réellement
Attention aux disques de frein


Guy on 10 May 2013

Bike Owned: F650GS
Town: Sandy
Country: United Kingdom

I commute all year round and ACF50 has kept my bike looking great despite several hard winters and associated salt & grime. Nippy Norman's is always the cheapest supplier, and delivery is very quick.


Martin on 19 Apr 2013

Bike Owned: several Hondas
Town: Cardiff
Country: United Kingdom

Excellent product - makes the bike look much cleaner and protects it against the vigorous salt they use on our roads every winter.Superb service from Nippy Normans - cheapest on the web.


Ian on 30 Jan 2013

Bike Owned: BMW G650GS
Town: Bedfordshire
Country: United Kingdom

Sprayed the bike at the start of the winter and riding it every day in all weathers. No corrosion so far.Better than WD40.


Andy on 17 Jan 2013

Bike Owned: BMW R1200GSA
Town: Birmingham
Country: United Kingdom

Excellent product.


Geoff on 05 Jan 2013

Bike Owned: BMW K1300
Town: Bordon
Country: United Kingdom

This product performs extremely well in looking after my bike during the winter months.


Albert on 23 Nov 2012

Bike Owned: Honda CB1000R
Town: St Andrews
Country: United Kingdom

Brilliant product brings everything up like new although you need patience to apply and remove the excess or it will pick up dust etc.Only problem i found as i bought the litre size which comes with a refillable pump up spray which is in my opinion no good so i used a brush which allows you to be selective where it goes.But still worth 5 stars.


Adrian on 09 Nov 2012

Bike Owned: R1200 GSA
Town: Bridport
Country: United Kingdom

Great Value Product Used it and it works & Excellent Service from NN


Mats on 15 Oct 2012

Bike Owned: Honda XR650R, GSA1200
Town: Slemmestad
Country: Norway

Amazing stuff! I ride my XR during the winter months in Norway, in lots of snow and salty roads. I spray my bike in the autumn, and don´t wash it until spring. Due to the ACF stuff, the bike is corrosion free every spring! Just don´t get it on your brakes!!


Paul on 19 Jun 2012

Bike Owned: BMW R1200 RT
Town: Moreton in Marsh
Country: United Kingdom

Quite simply: The best way to keep your bike corrosion free.


Postage to Ireland is £4.50 and to Europe is £5.


1 US quart (0.95 litre) bottle with small empty pump action bottle for spray application

Aircraft Technology Protection for Bikes!

"It should probably come supplied with every new bike"
Motor Cycle News

Every Biker Should Have Some
Its uses on motorcycles are very similar to those on aircraft. Sprayed into the structure, joints and welds i.e. under the tank and seat, frame and steering head area (where the corrosion works away unnoticed), under panels and on hidden parts of the engine, radiators, engine cases, forks, calipers, wheels, anywhere on the bike really because it will work hard to prevent corrosion and structural degeneration. Where corrosion is already evident it will help inhibit further progress by insulating and electrically 'switching off' the corrosion cell. It will also penetrate around bolts, screws and hardware protecting them and preventing seizure.
Exposed engine and gearbox cases, swinging arms, forks and other exposed parts will benefit from ACF-50's thin film technology by not corroding, will stay looking good and will clean up easily after a salt laden ride. I also find it excellent on black plastic trim without the residue of silicon.
It will protect electrical joints, plugs and components and prevent corrosion causing high resistance joints. This goes for PCB's and electronics as well, such as computerized ignition and fuel control units and their multi pin plugs, while switches, controls and levers will all be lubricated as well as protected from corrosion. Multi pin plugs and connectors benefit from having ACF-50 applied directly to the contacts. It's uses are unending, you will love it!
Remember, ACF-50 protects jets on US aircraft carriers! If it works for these jets in these conditions, think how well it's going to work for your bike!


"This was on three products designed to prevent corrosion: ACF50, Scottoiler FS365 and WD40.

Corrosion is caused by moisture in the atmosphere, which sparks off little corrosion cells almost like tiny batteries producing electrical current for as long as the oxygen and moisture are present. If yousimply spray a lubricant over this area then it can seal in the corrosion, along with any moisture and oxygen, which does not help. Before any of the oil-based spray lubricants can be totally effective, the area must be completely dry and free of the corrosion and once applied, the layer must not be wiped off or broken in any way as this will allow the problem to start again.
A spray that doesn't rely on the slippery stuff to do it's work is ACF50 - and I must admit to having been completely won over by it since first using it a few months ago, I t isn't cheap, but with so little required to be effective, a can should last a VERY LONG TIME. The sticky substance prevents the build-up of electricity between metals and stops corrosion by destroying the corrosion cells. It is also a good lubricant and can be used safely on most surfaces and applications.
Th test the anti-corrosion properties of a variety of aerosol products, I lined up six old alloy pistons, doused themfrom a water spray loaded with salt water to simulate road salt, and left them outsidet hroughout the harsh days of January and February. One piston received a liberal coating of ACF50, one was left untreated, the others were sprayed with Silkolene All-in-One, a cheap car accessory shop spray, Wurth Lube 2000, and the old favourite WD40.
After a week there were signs of a difference across the samples, with three of the five starting to gather that white furry corrosion where the spray had started to dissipate and allow the ingress of moisture and oxygen. The WD40 did a pretty goof job, but after a two week period and a few squirts with the salt water, it was beginning to break down. The ACF 50 was emerging as the CLEAR LEADER WITH NO VISIBLE CORROSION. Asingle application is claimed by the manufacturers to last for UP TO TWO YEARS.
I have used ACF50 on my ACF50 on my VTR1000, constantly used over the winter months, and it has kept the big Honda clean and sparkling. I've even used it for cleaning the plastics - I'm impressed."

Daniel Tornton from Motor Cycle News reports on ACF50:

" A great product which answers motorcycling's biggest problem - corrosion. Unless you're dedicated enough to wash your bike thoroughly after every ride, you're going to end up with furry nuts and bolts, and in winter even that might not be enough.
ACF-50 disperses moisture, lubricates and protects from further corrsions and stops any rust already forming from getting worse. I sprayed a test bike at the start of two weeks Peterborough to London commute in February, and didn't wash the bike once. After two weeks the only rust had been there already, and there wasn't a trace of new corrosion. And the same it true of my latest test bike, which had a thin coating before it turned a wheel. Even better, it works on electrics and even exhausts without buggering them up. You can't tell the bike has been sprayed until it rains, and there's no oily or greasy coating.
At £12 for an aerosol it's pretty good value, as it only needs a thin coating, and it should last a couple of washes. In hidden areas such as under the tank etc it can last up to a year, and you can tell if it's still working because any water will 'bead' on contact. And one regular user told me he adds it to his Scottoiler to stop the chain rusting.
It's easy to use, does what it claims, and solves an expensive problem. It should probably come supplied with every new bike!"

ACF50 will also clean up black plastic on any motorcycle like new - simply apply, rub-in and the plastic looks like new AND will repell dirt more than before!

THIS PRODUCT IS ONLY FOR SALE TO CUSTOMERS IN THE UK, Ireland, Isle of Man and Channel Islands and Europe only.

ACF-50 ANTI-CORROSION SPRAY 369g aerosol-****TWIN PACK****

ACF-50 ANTI-CORROSION SPRAY 369g aerosol-****TWIN PACK****

Part: WWA-ACF50-AX2

£35.00 NOW! £29.00

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ACF-50 SPRAY (2 x aerosol) and GREASE (1 x tube)***OFFER***

ACF-50 SPRAY (2 x aerosol) and GREASE (1 x tube)***OFFER***

Part: WWA-ACF50-OFF1

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Part: WWA-CB

£8.50 NOW! £7.00

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