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Throttle Rocker

Throttle Rocker


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Part No: WUN-8600120


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Neil on 20 Jun 2014

Bike Owned: r1200gsa
Town: aberdeen
Country: United Kingdom

This product does just what it says, its simple to fit and use, easy to remove. You do have to get the positioning correct otherwise you'll be opening the throttle when braking! Best used on long motorway journeys - not for the commute ! and I'm pleased I tried it but its not something I'll use regularly.


Adrian on 11 Jun 2014

Bike Owned: BMW R1200 GS Adventure
Town: Worcester
Country: United Kingdom

A great little addition for the bike , just back from D-Day commemorations , rode all around Normandy area , so helped me not get an aching hand/wrist , well worth purchasing , cheers NN


Keith on 11 Apr 2014

Bike Owned: Keith
Town: Newcastle - Tenerife
Country: United Kingdom

So simple it's brilliant. I do a lot of touring and being able to rest and flex my hand without having to slow down or stopping means I'm able to ride and cover a lot more miles in comfort


Ifor on 09 Nov 2013

Bike Owned: Honda CBF1000
Town: Llanfairpwll
Country: United Kingdom

Top little gadget. Simple to install. Could do with a translation for the German instruction on the pack.
Must be set up exactly though for resting the palm of the hand for constant throttle position. Get it wrong and you might push the throttle to hard with interesting consequences at junctions! But once the position is sorted its brilliant for long or short journeys. Great little device!


Dar on 17 Sep 2013

Bike Owned: BMW R1200GSA
Town: Mold
Country: United Kingdom

Great bit of kit for motorway driving - but be careful when having to use the front brake when using normal roads. Can give you a burst of throttle when braking - which is not what is expected.

Other wise great bit of kit!


Mary on 09 Sep 2013

Bike Owned: 1000 vavadero
Town: Dingwall
Country: United Kingdom

A great device to save cramps in the throttle hand


Stuart on 06 Aug 2013

Bike Owned: BMW R1200RT (2005)
Town: Nottigham
Country: United Kingdom

Now this is brilliant - just a piece of shaped plastic, but a cost effective cruise control, and relieves pain on the hand and wrist if you are in the saddle for more than a day. All in, excellent for something so simple - takes less than 10 seconds to fit.


Mark on 24 Jul 2013

Bike Owned: BMW R1200GS
Town: Derby
Country: United Kingdom

Just done 1800 miles last week on a trip to France. Took a bit of getting used to but once I did, the product worked extremely well.

I didn't fit the wide elastic band on the throttle before applying the device, and for that reason, I think that it didn't grip quite as well as it should, meaning that it required very infrequent re-adjustment. Fitting this will mean removal of the hand guard and that will be done before the next big journey.

In terms of the assistance provided and the comfort on a long journey test, I can thoroughly recommend.


Julie on 04 Jun 2013

Bike Owned: BMW r1200gs
Town: Watford
Country: United Kingdom

Love it. I just took my first longest journey. It saved my wrist and hand grip. Couple of times it got out of position and got annoying in slow moving city traffic situations. But easily corrected. One of my best buys apart from bike itself!


dan on 27 Feb 2013

Bike Owned: r1200gs
Town: guildford
Country: United Kingdom

For long journeys - Brilliant.
For driving around town, or any route that requires a lot of gear and throttle changing it is a pain. Luckilly it's easy to put on and take off. I keep mine under my seat ready for weekend road trips.


Corentin on 10 Jan 2013

Bike Owned: 1200 GSA
Country: France

Quite useful for long highway trips.


andrew on 29 Dec 2012

Bike Owned: bmw 1200gs
Town: southampton
Country: United Kingdom

I ordered this as i have a problem with pain in my rist tendens age and work related and it doe help as i can relax my grip more even on short trips,does take a few rides to get in the right place but great idea easy to fit and arrived quickly .


Peter on 24 Sep 2012

Bike Owned: BMW F650GS
Town: Light Pass
Country: Australia

A simple little device that makes riding a lot easier especially if you are an older rider who finds it difficult to grip the throttle tightly on long rides. I love it an am glad I bought it


Paul on 11 Sep 2012

Bike Owned: BMW K1100 LT s/e
Town: Hemel Hempstead
Country: United Kingdom

What a great idea, a very simple bit of kit but very effective.
Easy to fit and use and you will notice an instant difference for the better.


Jonathan on 10 Aug 2012

Bike Owned: F800GS
Town: Cheltenham
Country: United Kingdom

First impressions - its a bit of plastic that probably costs no more than £1 to make plus there are no instructions.
Second impressions - it is a bargain at many times the price. You ride more relaxed, you have more fine control than with throttle alone and you don't need to worry about a tight grip which with my bike at motorway speeds transmits the vibrations to the wrist.

Instructions - OK it is simple you just clip it on. But two points
- it locks so to fine tune to a lower position then you rotate in the other direction (upwards and round)
- if not set right or you are trying to use the twist grip alone (use the heel of your palm) it may make the bike a bit jumpy - not really an issue but spend a few moments getting used to it before riding through traffic!


TREVOR on 30 Jul 2012

Bike Owned: BMW GS1200
Country: United Kingdom



Jack on 24 Jul 2012

Bike Owned: BMW R1200GS
Town: Glasgow
Country: United Kingdom

Simple piece of kit but works great


Gary on 08 May 2012

Bike Owned: BMW R1200 GS
Town: Kingston
Country: United Kingdom

Zero forearm strain - no matter how long the journey. Just rest your hands on the bars, and a gentle press of the wrist when you want to give it some gas. Doddle to fit, you can rotate it up and around to get the exact positioning you require. The biggest benefit for money spent out of anything I've done on the bike. Weighs next to nothing too.


bruce on 28 Apr 2012

Bike Owned: bmw dakar
Town: twickenham
Country: United Kingdom

takes a lot of strain off the hand on long journeys worth every penny


Ron on 02 Apr 2012

Bike Owned: R1200GS
Town: Milton Keynes
Country: United Kingdom

Wish I had known about one of these years ago,brilliant bit of kit but took a little time getting used to it.Recommended if you do long rides


Brian on 31 Mar 2012

Bike Owned: BMW R1200 GSA
Town: Portsmouth
Country: United Kingdom

I bought the throttle rocker to help with the occasional numb hand I get due to carpal tunnel syndrome. Ideally i would like to be able to take my hand off the handlebar completely for 10-20 seconds. Using the throttle rocker may be the next best thing, but you have to press quite steadily on the rocker with the heel of your hand or the bike will jerk quite a bit which can upset the pillion passenger. I think with practice I can improve on this. Ideally I would like a cruise control, which is not available on the GS, but this may prove to be a reasonable and cheap alternative.


andrew on 18 Mar 2012

Bike Owned: F800GS
Town: Cambridge
Country: New Zealand

So far so good, but not long on the bike.I am impressed to date. Yet to use it on a long run, but I think it is going to be very good. Well made too.

Throttle Rocker is a motorcycle accessory that easily wraps around the throttle grip of any motorcycle. It protrudes away from the grip so that the contoured portion fits comfortably against the heel and palm of the hand. Using the heel of your hand, the rider applies minimal downward pressure on the Throttle Rocker making the throttle rotate. Additionally, Throttle Rocker works as a resting place for the hand, reducing fatigue on long trips.
Ask anyone who uses a Throttle Rocker. They all say the same thing - no more "death grip." In other words, you no longer have to squeeze the grip to operate the throttle. This literally means, "an easy ride in the palm of your hand." No more cramping, and longer stress free rides - the motorcycle accessory you wish you've always had!
Using Throttle Rocker, the grip won't slip in your hand because your fingers have become tired. Consequently, you won't be faced with constantly repositioning your grasp to maintain your desired speed.
Here are just some of Throttle Rocker's featured benefits:
Operate the throttle with an open and relaxed hand.
Reduces hand fatigue and cramping
Fits comfortably against the heel and palm of the hand, making long rides more enjoyable
Makes throttling easier, especially while wearing heavy gloves
Eliminates throttle "creep" due to hand fatigue
It is not a throttle lock. When you release downward pressure the throttle returns to idle.
Alleviates strain known to aggravate or cause conditions such as carpal tunnel, tendentious and arthritis.
Hey, cruise control is great when you are out on the open highway with nothing but open road rolling out ahead of you. But what about when you are riding in groups, between stoplights, or on that winding country road? Face it, for a large portion of your riding you can't use cruise control. But by adding a Throttle Rocker you'll have the best of both worlds.
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"When compared to the rival Crampbuster, for such a simple concept, the Throttle Rocker is so superior it is almost laughable.
"The Throttle Rocker is made from a more pliable (read less brittle) material, is a far better ergonomic shape AND stays in position.