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Akrapovic Titanium can R1200GS/Adv. to '09

Akrapovic Titanium can R1200GS/Adv. to '09

£655.00 NOW! £499.00

inc VAT

Part No: AKP-SB12SO2-TT


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Gary on 08 May 2012

Bike Owned: BMW R1200 GS
Town: Kingston
Country: United Kingdom

I bought this as it's the only custom can for the GS that BMW themselves market, so I knew it would definitely work with the bike. The only difference is BMW will charge you north of £600 for one! It's a fraction of the weight of the BMW standard, in fact it's the biggest single thing you can do to reduce the weight of a GS - and I should know as I've done them all. Once you feel how heavy the existing one was compared to what you just put on, you'll wonder why you hadn't done it sooner. Looks the part - which you mightn't think for such a "sports" brand, as that was a concern of mine. Sounds great too, and even gives it a few extra horses. Can't recommend it highly enough.

Slip on replacement for the OE silencer. Works with the original collector or the Remus collector.
Titanium sleeve AND internals - made completely from Titanium for weight saving. The other R1200GS slip on has stainless steel internals hence the lower price for that one !
Good power increase. Standard Akrapovic badge


When fitted with the Akrapovic conical collectors the power increase is 8bhp (baffle out) and 6.5bhp with baffle in.
This figure is peak power, but does not explain the surge in mid-range power gained. There is a MASSIVE increase in torque between 3,500 and 5,500 rpm.

No other modifications to the carburration are necessary when fitting this silencer.
See our DOWNLOADS page for more information


The only difference is the price and the badge between the 'real' Akrapovic products sold by us and the ones sold in BMW dealers.
All Akrapovics are E marked and feature removable baffles for a fruitier note.


R1200GS mark 1 ('04 -' 07)
R1200GS mark 2 ('08 - '09)
R1200 Adventure ('04 -' 07)
R1200 Adventure ('08 - '09)