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The Future

We strive as a responsible company to make savings which will contribute to the ongoing welfare of the world, our customers and employees.

Nippy Normans and the Environment

Online shopping is inherently more environmentally friendly than traditional retailing. The efficiencies of online shopping result in a greener shopping experience than traditional retailing. There are many studies to back this up. In addition we believe that innovation has the power to change the world. Therefore we are always striving to improve our efficient use of raw materials and energy.


Wherever possible we use recycle packaging and if packaging is new make it from previously used packaging. Tape is biodegradable wherever possible and polystyrene infill is not used unless we are re-using it from a previous package received by us.


Lighting in our warehouse is by natural light augmented by RAY random lighting system which turns off and on as operators use certain parts of the warehouse. The conveyor belts likewise are timed and operated by sensors to prevent them running when not needed.